About us – who are Nice Little Sites?

Nice Little Sites was created to provide small businesses, sole traders, craftspeople, hobbyists and all those traditionally IT fearing businesspeople with the ability to get out there on the World Wide Web, to get themselves noticed and to get recognised for the fantastic products they produce and services they provide.

Mike and Gareth are the brains behind Nice Little Sites. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of arts, crafts, vintage and food; as well as significant background experience in IT, websites, web management and customer support.

Nice Little Sites specialises in providing excellent value web presences and hosting. We are easy to talk to and keen to give you the best possible service in bringing your unique products and services to the web.



With a background in the arts, I have spent most of my working life helping communicate a message to an audience. Over the last 10 years I have worked extensively with people from varied backgrounds say what they want to say with websites, online articles, videos and animations.

I love getting to know what it is a client does that makes them stand out and how their work, products and services make a difference to their customers and clients.

Making yourself and your business visible online shouldn’t be a difficult task, nor should it be overpriced or a lengthy process. We have acquired the skills to clearly present your business online, using the latest technologies and design trends making the tech work for you, not against you.

Speak to us about getting your business online. With our expertise and simple approach, it’s easier (and more affordable) than you might think.

Gareth at Nice Little Sites



After working in Local Government for many years and building up extensive experience in customer service, web management and public facing IT systems; I have had the pleasure of working with the organiser of a popular local vintage market who is also expanding in to the food-sphere with his burgeoning deli bakery, marshmallow and supper club businesses.

This is one of the reasons Nice Little Sites was created. To help the fantastic individuals, sole traders, makers, merchants and craftspeople I have met so far, and those I am yet to meet; get their message out there. To get them online, helping the world see how great they are! Letting them concentrate on what they are best at while we take th confusion out of building their online world.

I am a no-frills person, I want to help you get your message out clearly, with style and so viewers can tell what you are really about.

Get in touch, we will get you online